Parents-We are not just story tellers, we are the ULTIMATE STORY CREATORS!


We are moms and dads but we are also, among many things, chefs, boo-boo fixers, nose wipers, sunscreen appliers, and story tellers. We tell our kids bedtime stories on some, most, or all nights and they have a favorite story they love to read over and over. But what we may be failing to realize is that every day we are actually the ultimate story creators . We have been writing the most important story without ever putting a pen to paper (or typing on a keyboard!)

Think about it, as adults we all have our own story; childhood stories that had a profound impact on us and developed who we came to be as people; as individuals, partners, and eventually as the parents we are today. There were moments in those hours, in those days, that comprised the years of our lives up to where we are now. And we’ve shared those childhood stories that shaped and molded us with those we love and trust. Those childhood stories were in great abundance shaped by the decisions our parents made, or in some cases, decisions they didn’t make. Their decisions created circumstances that affected our lives; moments that we now look back on with maybe fondness, sadness, happiness, or anger. They laid the foundation for so much of our lives, they ultimately created our stories. And these past moments have greatly shaped the decisions we now make as adults and as parents.

We must do our best to remember this for the sake of our kids today and every day after. We are laying the foundation of their story right now, every day. The words we use, the decisions we make, what we teach, what we don’t teach, the stress we carry that they feel, the seemingly simple moments that matter more than we realize-these will all someday be the story of their life that will shape and mold the person they will become; as individuals, as partners, and someday parents. They will someday be grown like us and will share their story with those they love and trust. They will perhaps cry tears of joy or sadness as they reflect on the days that are happening right now.

Take a moment and think about your story…Do you think it could have been different if your parents, during your childhood, had been more aware of the fact that each day they were writing your story?


Let us be aware, be present of the story we are creating every day for our kids. Let’s be the best chefs, boo-boo fixers, nose wipers, sunscreen appliers, and story tellers but most importantly, let us be fantastic story creators! Let us be cognizant of the story we are writing every day for them so when the day comes that they share their story, it’s an amazing one; one we are proud to hear them tell. Let’s make it so amazing in fact, they want to someday give their kids one just like it!

Posted on May 13, 2019 .

Hello February! We LOVE that you’re here!


Hello February!  The month of love, kindness, and friendships!

As parents, one of our responsibilities is to teach our children how to love one another, but also do it in a manner that our children can understand, and learn through experience. The Elle Grey Stories Team has compiled a list of things you and your children can do this month to show kindness to so many in celebration of the month of love.

  1. Homeless bags: Take a trip to the Dollar Tree. Have your child think of items they use everyday (toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, hairbrush, small snacks, get creative) Put these items in Ziploc bag and the next time you see someone homeless give them the bag.

  2. Kindness Rocks: While at the Dollar Tree pick up a bag of river rocks, or pick some up for free out of your yard (whatever you choose) have your children paint the rocks with different designs, once dried set out into your city and leave them for people to find (playgrounds, gyms, baseball fields, stores)

  3. Bake your neighbors cookies! There’s someone in your neighborhood you don’t know or haven’t talked to much, make it a point to go out of your way to make them cookies and knock on their door this month.

  4. Go through Starbucks drive-thru and tell your kiddos, “We’re buying the people behind us coffee.” Ask them to look out the window to give you a description, have them listen for the order with the window down, make it fun and exciting for them!

  5. Have your children go through their toys and donate old toys to a church, preschool, women's shelter, foster care, etc. Make sure to have a talk about where their toys are going.

  6. Take snacks to the Fire Department, Police Station, etc…

  7. Find parking meters that are about to expire and have your children add coins! (Make sure you explain to them what exactly they are doing.)

  8. Adopt a soldier overseas, write them a letter, draw a picture, or even send them a Valentines Day care package!

  9. Volunteer for a charity

  10. Donate a book to your local library, school, doctors office, shelter, etc…

Make February the month of teaching your child how to show love and kindness to the world, all while having fun in the process! Oh, and don’t forget to remind your kids to show themselves a lot of love too!

Posted on February 6, 2019 .

Let's Celebrate Kindness!


Kindness comes in many different forms and what better time to share it than at the holidays! As Christmas approaches, it’s an excellent time to remind our children of this value. Decorations are going up, holiday music is everywhere, and increased traffic and holiday travel seems to bring out the best in everyone…Don’t agree with that last one? Me either…

I did venture out of the house on Black Friday just to grab some lunch and while out I saw almost two accidents and one man get out of his car just to yell at someone simply because he felt they didn’t move their car quick enough. My daughter was with me and luckily didn’t notice any of it but I certainly did. It reminded me very quickly that this is the world she and all of our children live in. The only way to make it better is to start with ourselves and our homes as kindness starts in the heart and can spread like nothing else.

It can be easy to focus on the negativity around us but what would happen if we used that energy to fuel the change this world needs? If instead we responded with kindness, or just did random acts of kindness for the sake of brightening someone’s day-do you think it could make a difference? I do! And while this time of year is a great time to remind our kids of the importance of kind acts, it doesn’t ever have to stop just because the holidays will be over. Let’s keep the kindness flowing, the love growing, let’s make a difference in the world! And that difference starts with one person simply being kind to just one other person…


LEAVE SOME LOVE-Paint a rock or lots of rocks with hearts or loving messages and leave one on your neighbors porch or around your neighborhood or even at a playground your child loves.

SEND A LOVE NOTE-Have your child write a card to someone they love and mail it to them, maybe include a hand drawn picture.

GRATEFUL CHALLENGE-Each night when you put your child to bed, share with one another what you are grateful for and challenge your child to come up with a longer grateful list than you! Take turns naming each grateful. When you can get your child to focus on what they are grateful each night, you start to shift their focus to the positive elements in their life and that shift will carry into their everyday thoughts.

Posted on December 2, 2018 .

Life Is In The Moments, And Those Moments Are Our Life

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 8.34.21 PM.png

My four year old daughter recently asked if everyone had a dog. When I replied, “No, some people have a bird, a cat, a lizard, or even a bunny as a pet. And some people have no pets at all.” She seemed a bit puzzled by this. So I went on to explain that every family was different from hers; each family has different houses, different rules, different pets, and even different experiences. This statement seemed to intrigue her. The notion that other children have different experiences than her own was a pretty neat fact for her and I could tell she needed to know more. However, she moved on quickly to other questions about completely different topics and so was a normal day for us.

However, the next day she had a not so great experience at the kids club in our local gym. A little boy had pulled her hair, so she informed me. She then told me, rather emphatically, that since he was not nice, she was not going to be nice to him! My first thought of course, as a mother was to say, “Where is this boy?” (And to be truthful, I did ask that, but in a much nicer way than you may be imagining and much nicer than I originally thought I could say it.) She pointed in his direction and my eyes settled on a young boy not much older than my daughter and he was quite energetic. He did not seem to be acting aggressively towards any other child so I calmed myself and took a knee next to my daughter. I then took a breath and chose my words carefully. As I knew this moment and how I handled it would have an impact on how she will handle future conflicts. When I inquired why she thought he had pulled her hair, she said, “Because I was in his way, and he wanted me to move.” I then said, '“Remember honey, every family has different rules and different experiences. And while your experience just now was not a happy one, it does not need to ruin your whole day. And while what he did was unkind, it should not make you unkind. Should he choose to behave that way, you cannot control that, but you can control yourself and whether you continue to be around him. I would suggest that if he is unable or unwilling to be kind, just keep your distance from him and play in a different area.” And then I waited for a rebuttal from her or a response that showed she needed further explanation, but it never came. Instead she quickly said, “Ok, you’re right, I don’t need to be mean to him just because he was mean to me, I can just be me. I’ll just play over here,” she said, pointing to a separate area.

As she happily walked off to play, I realized I had achieved success, but that success truly came as easy as it did because of the previous conversation she and I had. From the simple, seemingly uncomplicated question, “Does everyone have a dog?”

I believe as parents we should be cognoscente, as best we can, to the fact that every moment in our child’s life is a chance to learn, even the simple, fleeting moments that seem so tiny at the time. These are the moments that make up who our child will become, how they will think, how they will love, and how they will handle conflict. And through this all, the most important thing to keep in mind it to just keep talking; keep them talking by listening, really listening to the questions they ask and the things they say. The best way to do this is to remind yourself that you were little once; be the support you wanted as a child, be the believer, the encourager, the one that listens without judgement. Be that person you needed when you were their age going through their experiences. No one knows them better, as you were them once upon a time!

Posted on November 7, 2018 .

The Halloween Switch Witch

AdobeStock_120520842 (1).jpeg

Halloween is just right around the corner and it’s the best time of year with the crispness in the air, the creativity coming to life, and pumpkin spice everything! And if your child is anything like mine, the opportunity to dress up and leave the house looking like a butterfly dinosaur makes it the best day of the year! But what about the candy; the never-ending cascading flow of sugary treats? For my house, this terrifically spooky night presents a bit of a challenge because my daughter and I both have an allergy to sugar. When I tell people this they cringe at first and then jokingly say, “Actually, that’s a great allergy to have!” I wish this were true, but truly it’s quite difficult as there is sugar in just about everything available to eat. And of course, Halloween night is all about sugar!

Nonetheless, my daughter Avelle and I have found a way to enjoy Halloween despite our allergy. We get dressed up and go out to collect as much candy as we can, in fact, the more we collect the better. Then at the end of the night, we give a few pieces to her Daddy, but the remaining treasure trove of candy is off to the Switch Witch!

If you don’t know all about the Switch Witch, there’s a cute book that can introduce her to your family that you can find on Amazon. But in the meantime, the short story of the Switch Witch is she needs the candy collected by children this one special night of the year to power the Witch City. There are lots of Switch Witches that live in this city but only one travels to your house on Halloween night to collect the collected sweets. And to show her gratitude to the lovely and generous child willing to share their hard-earned candy so the Witch City can stay warm throughout the upcoming year, she bestows a sweet gift in place of the sugary filled treats.

The Switch Witch was introduced to our family years ago and I am so very grateful for her to have entered our life. In fact, Avelle is already planning for her visit and has decided to paint her a picture to leave along with her Halloween candy. She will leave the candy by her bedroom door in just a couple nights from now and will excitedly wake up to see what the Switch Witch left in place of that sweet candy bag. I’m pretty sure she’s hoping for a unicorn, so a little stuffed animal might be in order.

Maybe you also have a little one allergic to sugar or maybe you just want to limit the sugar intake, consider introducing the Switch Witch to your family. She’s quite fun and knowing she’ll be flying on her crooked broomstick for such a special visit is pretty spooktacular!

The Switch Witch

You can purchase your Switch Witch Story Here

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If being different is what makes us unique, we have more in common with others than we may think!


As parents we strive to make sure we express to our children how unique they are, and how that uniqueness makes them so very special. And it does! Those special curls, the cute dimples, the lovely freckles, the way she gets the hiccups every time she laughs too hard, whatever it might be, our kids are so very unique! And teaching them this simple truth is so important for their self-esteem and their self-love. Not to mention the fact that if they really see and love their uniqueness, they are far less likely to be bullied, peer pressured, or fall into the trap the brand marketers love to set which says, “You’re only special if you buy, wear, or use OUR product!”

But owning one’s uniqueness doesn’t always come easy, and our children learn more sometimes by watching how we treat ourselves and others, then what we tell them about themselves. How many of you have had your child come to you and say they are going to work as they get in their pretend car, in their pretend work clothes, carrying their pretend briefcase? My daughter did this to me one day as I was making her breakfast and when I asked her why she was walking on her tip toes, she told me she was wearing her high heels! She had been watching…All those days I went to the office, in my office clothes and high heels, carrying my briefcase, she watched!

Imagine what they are seeing if we aren’t good to ourselves in the mirror, even once. Or if we were to say negative things about others…Let’s say you see someone you know and they cut their hair very short. What if in front of your child you said, “Wow, her hair does not look good like that at all!” Your child just witnessed you criticizing someone else and will practice that themselves on other people or maybe worse, they will begin to question what you don’t like, or what they shouldn’t like about themselves. This can all happen from one, seemingly simple “harmless” statement. Kids are smart and they know the quickest way to learn about their world is by the people closest to them so they emulate. And why not, “grown-ups know it all and if a grown-up is doing it-it must be the way it’s done.”

So while we are so busy and consumed with teaching our child how wonderful it is that they are so unique and special, in the same breath all that teaching can be undone if we were to criticize ourselves or others. Why? Because how we can we say our child is so very special because they are different, if we then criticize others for being different?!

This is why I believe that when we teach our children how wonderful it is that they are different and there is no one else like them, we should also be teaching them that everyone deserves that same respect. I mean, as parents, we want others to accept our children as they are-their beautiful unique selves and we want our children to celebrate and appreciate their own uniqueness. But then shouldn’t we all be willing to do that same thing for everyone? After all, everyone is someone’s child!

“So if being different is what makes us unique, we have more in common with others than we may think!” The Elle Grey Story, UNIQUE

especially if we are told negative things while growing up

Posted on October 24, 2018 .


This is a common statement we’re all taught as kids. In fact, I vividly remember being told this many times by the adults around me only to feel like maybe I was either being mislead or I just wasn’t worthy of being treated kindly by others. I mean, I would share and share but often times that same person would not share with me. Or I would go out of my way to be kind only to find that I would be left broken-hearted (even in my twenties, this was my experience). But here is the reality-Being nice to others does NOT guarantee niceness back to us…and to teach our kids that it does, I think, is simply setting them up for failure. I don’t want to teach my kids that they should be kind with the expectation or hope that they will then be treated kindly. I want them to be kind because they are kind and it’s the right thing to do for themselves and the world. I want to do all of this while also instilling the importance of self-respect so that it carries with them throughout life!


This is so important for me now as a parent to teach because I never want my kids to do something, anything, with the sole expectation to get something in return. This is called manipulation and is not a positive way to get along in the world. I want my kids to be kind because it’s who they are in the core of their soul, in their heart of hearts. I want them to be kind because it makes them feel good to stay true to who they are and finally I want them to be kind because I want them to be the change they wish to see in the world. But as parents we walk a very fine line with this lesson because what we don’t want is for their kindness to be taken advantage of or for their kind heart to be manipulated by others. And let’s face it, as adults we now see the world in a way they can’t just yet. But we still need to prepare them for what they will face as they grow. So how do we teach our sweet innocent children the importance of kindness while also making sure they are not taken advantage of in their world as they grow?

Let’s let’s go back to that old quote that’s been said for years. “Be nice to others and they’ll be nice to you. I mean, if you think about it, it has good roots. But what if we modified those roots a bit…How about this? “Be nice to others and you’ll find MOST OF THEM will be nice to you.” And we should go even further to say, “But sometimes, you’ll just need to walk away. And that’s OK my darling, because your sunshine can just be saved for someone else on another day!” This modified statement does three things: It teaches our kids to be kind, it teaches that not everyone will be nice back (no matter what they do), and that it’s alright to kindly walk away from those people that choose to be unkind, in fact, it’s encouraged. It’s taken me a lot of years and a lot of heart ache to be willing to kindly walk away from unkind, sometimes downright mean people and remove myself from their energy. I can think of so many past relationships especially, that I could have spared myself so much pain had I known when to walk away with my dignity intact.

I think it’s important for our children to be kind but to realize there is a limit to the lack of kindness they should accept. It comes down to self-respect, and if we can start this conversation early with our kids-imagine the adults they can be!

The Elle Grey Story, KINDNESS is coming soon!

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Learning to Share with WORDS

This story was contributed by Dorian Lopez, loving mother to the incredibly adorable young man below. They are early readers of The Elle Grey Story, WORDS. Here is the story of what her and her son experienced after reading it!

Have you ever wondered, "When will my child ever start sharing?" I've been asking myself this question for quite some time now, and to be honest, I was beginning to think it would never happen.  No matter how many different methods we've tried with our four year old, nothing seemed to work! 

I know age plays a factor because he does very well with other children his age, however, the one he seems to have the hardest time sharing with is his two year old cousin. My son is tremendously kind, up until it's time to share one of his toys with him.  He then becomes a little hulk that seems to only be able to say, "This is mine! Go away!" or something along those lines.  Do you remember how I thought he would never learn to share?

Well, he hasn't mastered the art of sharing just yet, but it definitely has been improving ever since we started reading one of the most heartfelt children's stories out there. We started reading The Elle Grey Story, WORDS on a Friday night right before bedtime. My son and I both genuinely fell in love with the message and the story itself.  He listened without interrupting and I could tell he was understanding the message and could relate to the story.  We discussed the book and I once again reminded him that words can be hurtful and that we should choose kind words when we talk to other people and ourselves. 

The next morning, we met my sister for brunch and while we were waiting to be seated my nephew began to cry wanting the toy my son had. I explained to my nephew (like I always do) that he could take a turn once his cousin was done playing with it. He's two years old, so the crying continued.  To my surprise my little guy stood up, went up to his younger cousin, hugged him and in a chocked voice told him to not cry anymore and handed over his toy.  I was in shock, to say the least.  I was speechless, so I just watched.  After we were seated, I realized that my son had just shared one of his favorite toys without me telling him to do so.  After I told him how proud of him I was, I asked him what had made him want to do something so hard as sharing his favorite toy. His simple response was, " I don't want to make people sad. I want to be just like Patty Panda in WORDS. I'm sorry for not sharing before, mommy!" And at that moment my heart sank. I knew that had been hard for him, but I was so glad he did it. 

We've been reading WORDS every morning and night before bedtime and he's doing so much better with sharing and using nicer words. I'm so happy a children's book was able to help him understand, not just the importance of sharing, but also taught him how words can be very hurtful and to be kind, not just to others, but also to ourselves.  This book is a new favorite in our house!

Thank you so much Elle, for a beautifully written and illustrated children's book with a very important message!

Dorian L.

Dorian is an Instagram friend of @ellegreystories. You can find her @dori_fer

Posted on October 2, 2017 .

WORDS... And Going Back To School

When I was a kid, I dreaded going back to school. I didn't "fit in," I had very few friends and always seemed to stand out. It was my own doing really, as I never wanted to be a part of those groups. You know the ones, where all the girls and/or boys would get together and talk about other people as they walked by, just an entire culture of people being unkind and thinking it was cool to be this way. This was never me and I disliked the whole concept of school being a place that you had to be socially accepted or else your life was miserable. I just wanted to learn, I loved learning. But between classes, there was always a drama that seemed to happen so I quickly learned to stay to myself. Even at lunch time, I didn't go to the cafeteria, I went to the library. I'd read and read until the bell rang and it meant it was time to learn again. 

Really, my entire schooling after elementary school was spent like this...class, alone, class, library, class, alone, class, home. I couldn't wait to be done with the whole system as I just knew the world would be so different. However, my thinking wasn't altogether correct. So much of our world is still like this. People being unkind and thinking it's cool to be this way! Unfortunately, our kids hear and see so much of this as they grow up. The great news is that there is a movement happening now, one that really wasn't there before, promoting kindness between adults, raising awareness of the damage hurtful words, angry voices, and unkind actions can cause. We see this movement happening in the APlus videos on Facebook and other videos similar to them. 


When I wrote the Elle Grey Story, WORDS, I didn't have this movement in mind. I just simply asked myself what are the most important things I need my daughter to know in case I die before I get to teach them to her. The story, WORDS was the first story I wrote out of the thirty-nine that are now here. I needed her to understand the power of her words, her voice, and her actions. I'd seen it before too many times, where people had NO regard for any of these things and the damage it would cause. I felt as though if she could understand there was a difference between positivity and negativity and that we all have a choice as to which direction we take, she would know to choose her words wisely and she would be more likely to walk away from someone being unkind, making her far less likely to absorb that exterior negativity.

I think this is important for all of us as parents. None of us want the words people say to our children to hurt them. And while we cannot prevent pain, the hope is that if we can find a way to talk about it when it happens, hopefully, this will allow us to lessen the hurt.

I had to learn this on my own as a child-there was no real discussion about kindness and that everyone in the world had the option to exercise it. I just knew I didn't "fit in". I was kind and that made me an outcast, totally uncool and definitely not socially acceptable. I think it's time to change that culture throughout our schools, our communities, and our world. Kindness is amazing and the words we use are one of the largest contributors to kindness being shown. All of our children are born kind, we're just simply allowing that beautiful kindness to continue to flourish! While we may not be able to brighten every soul that walks this earth, if we can work to keep the hearts and minds of our little ones filled with kindness and shining bright, I think we can make a real difference in their world.

Posted on August 2, 2017 .

The Elle Grey Story, MONSTERS - BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and our kids need all the power they can get!

I was five years old when the first and worst Monster, I would ever face, entered my life.  He was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive my whole life, but it wasn't until I was fifteen that he attempted a sexual assault. This man was my step-father and he had waited ten years to plan his attack. Ten years of my life, ten years of being there everyday attempting to build a bond with me.  I was a very intuitive, strong-willed and stubborn little girl and these things are probably what saved my life.

I loved and longed for my real father my whole life and so every attempt my step-father made to have me call him, "Dad" I rejected.  I remember being only six years old when he told me that I should now call him Dad, and I flatly said, "But, you're not my dad." My life went down hill from that very moment. Constant abuse ensued from that day on, but I refused to allow it to break me, even as young as six years old, I was able to decide for myself that I would NOT be broken!

The day he attempted a sexual assault on me when I was only fifteen years old, still such a baby...I had to muster all of my courage, all of my strength to defeat this man, this Monster that was so much bigger and stronger than me. While he hadn't managed to break me over that decade, this man had definitely taken his toll on me with his verbal, emotional and physical abuse (all of us can only take so much before things start to settle in our skin and stay with us.) 

I say Monsters use tricks and they really do! He tried to bribe me, he tried to make me stay still and stay quiet, and when all else failed, he threatened my life.  And as time stood still for all of these tricks, I immediately snapped time back in place and I ran. I ran for my life, through my house; a house that I'd lived in for ten years and yet the hallway seemed a hundred times longer than it was, the doorway had definitely been moved and was in the wrong spot, and darkness was everywhere. I  refused to look behind me for fear he was right on my heels and would grab me by my hair and pull me down to the ground. (Something he would do often.)  I ran for my mother, sleeping in her bedroom, praying I'd make it in time, thinking I may never see her again if he caught up with me. It's amazing what adrenaline can do to your body and mind.

I was my own hero that day, and I've continued to be my own hero throughout my life.  This experience prepared me for the additional five Monsters I've faced since that fateful day. Every Monster has looked different, but they've all tried the same tricks and they've all had the same motive-TO DO HARM TO SOMEONE SMALLER AND WEAKER THAN THEM. I felt as though I at least had the knowledge to recognize a Monster very quickly, being around one your entire childhood gives you that, but I was lacking the strength to physically fight for my life, if I didn't have the opportunity to run. When I was twenty-one years old, I made a point to become stronger. I bought myself a gym membership and worked to make myself as strong as I could.  

At only five years old, I knew something was off with my step-father, I sensed it. The day my mother married him, she asked me if I was excited and I said, "No, don't marry him." I was too young to explain why I felt this way, I just knew I did. Our kids can sense danger, they can almost always sense a Monster even before we do, but we have to be willing to listen. I wrote the story, MONSTERS to open this dialogue with our kids in a really empowering way so that they will talk to us should they see or feel something amiss. I want to help our kids at least have the knowledge to protect themselves; to be their own hero, because someday, they may have to be. 


Posted on July 13, 2017 .

What are the Elle Grey Stories?

What are the Elle Grey Stories and what are they all about?

Well, they're really quite different-There's a few reasons they stand out!

You’ll find Elle Grey Stories are fun and funny

We promise that it's true…

But more importantly, they teach great lessons.

Some that will be extremely important to you.

Some teach Values such as honesty, loyalty, and appreciation.

And goodness knows, we could use more of those values in every nation.

But there's even stories on Emotions like frustration, anger, and sadness.

And we all know, those three combined-especially for our little ones,

 can feel a little like madness.

There are stories about Protection to help our kids be aware,

there are dangers in their world, such as fire, water, and old rickety stairs.

Then, there are The Growing Stories which simply means they really stand out,

such as the story Monsters, which can save lives, we have no doubt!

So, we promise Elle Grey Stories is different, right from the start,

and we think it’s because each one came from the very bottom of one's mother's heart!

They were written for her little girl

but then she decided to share each one with the entire world.

So please tell your friends, tell everyone you know…

Elle Grey stories is coming with wonderful lessons in tow!

Posted on July 10, 2017 .

The Elle Grey Story, RESET - Helping our kids BEFORE they have one of those things we lovingly refer to as a, "MELT DOWN"!

The first time

my daughter really ever had a melt down was when she was about two and half years old. Of course, she had been upset before and visibly frustrated many many times before this day, but this was a full MELT DOWN day! 

I knew she was tired, in fact, we were just heading up for a nap, but still all was good. However, by the time I asked her to use the potty before climbing into bed, we were in full melt-down mode! Tears, partially screaming and a need to fling herself around several times to the ground.  I just stood there thinking, "What is going on?!" I sat her down and as I looked at her tear streaked face, I said, "Honey, what's wrong?" She just looked at me with the most sympathetic look in her eyes, internally pleading for my help and said, "I don't know!" SHE REALLY DIDN'T KNOW! She couldn't find a reason to give me and trust me, this girl has a reason for everything-just ask her! 
I realized, the fact that I even asked her what was wrong, worried her because she interpreted that to mean, I didn't know what was wrong and if she didn't know either, how was she ever going to feel better?! So I jumped into action! I explained that she was just feeling tired and that sometimes there's so much going on around us that when we get tired, it becomes difficult to process it all! SHE WAS JUST TIRED! That she understood and accepted. She nodded her head and I could feel her relief that I had an explanation for her-which meant to her there was hope, she wouldn't feel this way forever! I then tucked her into bed and told her that she needed a reset, and that the best way to get a reset this time, was to get some rest-then she would feel better. She nodded in acceptance and as I laid her down, she asked, "I'll feel better after my nap, I can reset?" To which, I nodded my head in agreement and kissed her forehead and told her I loved her.
The story RESET was written right after this very moment I had with my daughter. I knew I wasn't the only parent experiencing this with their kids and I wanted to help alleviate any other child from going through what my daughter had just experienced.
Even as young as two and a half our kids can process so much from us if we just take the time to explain and help them work through it. Now every time she starts to feel tired and is beginning to feel a little short tempered, she is able to recognize it! She will actually tell me on her own, "Mommy, I think I need a little reset!"  How beautiful an experience this is for me as mom... I can't even explain. But ultimately, it's her who is most positively affected, as now she very rarely goes down that horrible rabbit hole we lovingly refer to as a "Melt Down!" Because while as parents, we joke internally about our kids having them, they don't have to happen or we can at least limit them. We can greatly spare them this feeling of being completely out of control of their emotions and help them from going down that dark, unsettling and scary rabbit hole of emotions! We can't stop them from ever feeling frustrated, but RESET helps us to at least help them come through the other side of it!
 This story walks our kids through how to recognize when they need a reset, how to communicate it to grown-ups and gives several examples of how to do a reset; sleep isn't always the answer! It even provides keywords our kids can say to quickly tell us they need a reset. The best part? Grown-ups can use them too! 

"And if your parents know the magic words, they can use them too. 

This way, you know what it means, when they say one of them to you. 

Because EVERYONE, now and then, needs a do-over or reset.

We ALL have moments when we seem to come apart because we're upset!" -Elle Grey

Posted on June 30, 2017 .

Sticks & Stones

We've all heard the saying, "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me." In reality, nothing can be further from the truth. Especially to our young and impressionable children. 

From your child's interaction within playgroups to the words they hear you speak toward them and others, words that catch the ear of little ones can impact them for a lifetime. This is exactly why Elle Grey created the book, WORDS. 

WORDS is a great reminder for both children and adults alike to remember that speaking harshly to others will hurt the people around us. Thoughtless words thrown out in frustration or anger will most certainly hurt the people we should be speaking to with love and patience most. 

The truth is, words are the greatest tool to either build up those around you or tear them down. Cultivating a home and environment where your child hears and speaks positivity and mindfulness of other's feelings begins with you as a parent, grandparent or family member. Mastering the art of communication is no easy feat, but with'll begin to attract positivity all around you. 

Wouldn't you want your child to attract positive influences and friends? It all begins with the way speak and the tones they speak with. The story, WORDS, is the perfect example for children to grasp this concept and apply it in their life. It's relevant with easy to understand concepts that apply to their lives now, and will remain a lesson that they can take with them well into their adult years.  

Posted on June 27, 2017 .



Elle chose to launch the Elle Grey Stories on because she believes the community of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will help bring these stories to life! And so do we! The writing, illustration, and entire project has been personally funded by Elle, thus far. This is because Elle wants to remain in creative control over these precious heart-centered stories. This is also why she has chosen non-traditional methods of publishing. She feels as though this is the only way to keep these stories true to what they are, and we couldn't agree more! It's also been what's allowed her to bring the entire world in to the Elle Grey Stories, contributing thoughts, character names and true inspiration for new stories. We love this about the Elle Grey Stories...They are for the world, so she asks the entire world to truly be a part of them throughout their creation! What an amazing concept...Giving the families that will use these stories in their home, a way to truly be a part of developing them! 

These stories were born from the love of one mother to her daughter. We love that she wants to keep it as organically created and managed as possible!

Kickstarter is where you can view the making of her stories from writing drafts to digital, and from sketches to illustration. You can also take a peek inside Elle's world and her home, to feel the inspiration that created these stories.

Our greatest hope, as the Elle Grey Stories Team, is that you catch the vision of how an Elle Grey story can change the hearts of our little ones to ultimately create a world full of kindness, mindfulness and confidence. This vision is why all of us here are so passionate about being a part of these stories and this team. As a generation in whole, I'm sure we all want the best possible world for our children.

Cultivating that beautiful world begins by simply sharing an Elle Grey story with a child in your life. But to do this, we are asking for your help...Backing the Elle Grey Stories on Kickstarter allows you to truly invest in the children in your life. And SHARING the Elle Grey Stories with friends and family, means you want better for the entire world and all the children in it! We have amazing rewards for our supporters and backers, some are exclusive and others are limited, so be sure to check them out quick!

Please visit us at: & search Elle Grey Stories. 

Thank you for being here with us and for all of the support you've already given Elle Grey and these amazing stories. We are so proud to be a part of something that truly has the power to better our world for our children, and really, all of us!





Posted on June 25, 2017 .


My daughter, Avelle (uh-vel), is the inspiration behind every Elle Grey Story. She's why they started and the reason new ones will be written! You see, I have two boys; one just days from eighteen and another, just shy of twenty-one. But when my daughter was only four months old, I feared I may have the same number of years with her, so I wanted to be sure I could leave something behind for her that her dad could use to teach her all the things that were important to me. I wanted her to feel like her mom was still there with her, loving her through these words left behind for her.

I originally wrote sixteen stories but am now up to thirty-nine. I've written so much...Stories on values that would shape her character, stories to guide her and even more to protect her. Once the original sixteen were written, I read them to her dad, and he insisted that I share all of them! This was a very scary thought to me at first because each story had been written with this intense amount of love and for such personal reasons, that the idea of sharing them left me feeling very scared. But he was right...These stories could help start important conversations with children and their parents all over the world and some could even potentially save lives. That thought was amazing to me, so I swallowed any vulnerability I felt and released the fear with the hope that these stories would make a real difference in the world!

Avelle is turning three today, and I've spent all this time getting these stories meant only for her, ready to share with the world. These stories are real and honest, meant to help her through challenges I knew someday she'd someday face...Now they can do that for every child!

Not a single word was changed from the way I wrote them for her and now the time is near!  This is the start of changing the world! And while I am feeling some vulnerability and a little fear; after all, I am bearing my heart and soul to the whole world with these stories, I would do it all again knowing that even ONE child beyond my own could be affected, guided and protected with even ONE story!

So, Happy Birthday my darling girl, thank you for inspiring me every day!  I knew you coming into this world would completely change our lives, but there's no way I could have ever imagined just how much!  I love you...more than you'll ever know! 

Posted on June 24, 2017 .


We just wanted to let you know, Elle Grey Stories has officially broken ground!
We’re well on our way and the stories are quickly coming 'round!
We’ll keep you posted on our progress with each step we take.
There are so many stories, in fact, we’ve reached thirty-eight!
We know what you’re thinking, and you’re so right, thirty-eight is a lot…
And with that many stories, a lot of work we’ve still got!
But we are writing and sketching… and we must admit, laughing as each one’s grown…
Each story is important and sincere, but they’re also funny, so they tickle our funny bone!
We can’t wait to share them, so we’ll work night and day.
And we promise to keep you posted all along the way!

-Elle Grey

Posted on June 4, 2017 .

THE STORY OF THE GUY SHOWING THE WORLD THE HEART OF THE STORIES-Q&A with Emio Tomeoni, Creative Director and Videographer of our Kickstarter video

You can find the continuation of the Instagram story here, along with Emio's Q&A

Continuation of the story on Instagram:

 I'd like to introduce you all to Emio Tomeoni. He is the creative director and videographer of the Elle Grey Stories Kickstarter video. He is a husband and a "dada"! Over five years ago, I had worked with him (through my husband's business) and personally seen his  work.  It was truly beautiful... Just amazing! Fast forward years later, and the Elle Grey Stories are only five months old and I thought of Emio. Knowing someday I'd need to do a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign video, I knew he'd be the one I would need-he'd be perfect! But the stories were just babies then, and I was no where near ready.  I thought of someday reaching out. But fear came with those thoughts...My budget would be tight, what if he couldn't do it? What if he was too busy and couldn't do it... So many, "what-if's" consumed me... He was just that good! I worked on the stories and waited until I was ready... Years passed, then the day came to reach out! 

I reached out through Facebook because I didn't have an email or phone number.  After all, I had only spent a day with him and my husband/family then never saw him again.  He might not even remember me.  So, I messaged him on pins and response! I waited a day and tried again. He responded! Yes, at least I had opened the door. Now to show him this was a wonderful project, one only he could help me to show the world, one that I could never afford his normal rate....uugghhh! I had to pray he could find his own passion about it once I shared the backstory and showed him the actual stories, ALL OF THEM! I needed him to understand the power of these stories and for him to want to be the one to help me bring them to the world...I had to let him come to that decision on his own.  I was very upfront about not being able to afford his rate and that I would have to be creative with his compensation. He was worth every penny, I just didn't have it right now. ( But this is really the reason for Kickstarter, to help us bring this project to life and that takes support from people that share the passion of it!) I shared with him my thoughts, then sent him all the stories that were ready.  Then I waited...nervously...he was the only one to have ever read all the stories, other than my husband. I kept checking for a text or an email but nothing! I must have checked 15 times in one day! (Looking back, I can laugh at myself now!) Then it came, his response! HE WAS IN! HE COULDN'T WAIT TO START! HE LOVED THE STORIES AND WANTED TO BE THE ONE TO TELL THE WORLD ALL ABOUT THEM! (I think I jumped up and sank a little at the same time...there was intense joy and immense relief all at once.) I knew he was the only one that could really tell the true story of the Elle Grey Stories.  He has a way through his lens to truly show you someone's heart. I'd never seen any other videographer do that before or since. And since every Elle Grey Story comes from the heart, that was exactly what I needed! I remembered that night, when the stories were only five months old and I remembered how I thought he was the one I had to have help me! I thought of all the fears I faced then and I thought, "IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!"

I really feel like everything that I've done and been through in life has prepared me for today.  And meeting Emio five years ago, is just one of those perfect examples of this.  I can't wait for you all to see the Elle Grey Stories Kickstarter video! I actually haven't seen it myself yet...we only filmed it this past weekend.  He's creating it now and I have no doubt he will capture the heart; every tear drop, every late night, the countless hours and every ounce of love that's been poured into the Elle Grey Stories! 

Thank you Emio! I'm more grateful than I can possibly explain!


Here is some Q&A with Emio, himself!

Hi everyone, I'm Emio.  Here are some fun facts to start with...

  • When my wife and I worked at a small TV station in Topeka, Kansas we would sometimes have to bring our infant son into the studio while Mom anchored the show and I ran the cameras with him strapped to my chest.
  • In 2013, I  created a simple little home video for my wife about a afternoon with my son. Now it have more than 35 million views on Youtube.
  • I am a die hard Golden State Warriors basketball fan.
  • Growing up, my dad had a friend who owned goats, and every summer my sister and I would go out and herd goats. One year we even brought a baby goat home as a pet.


What do you do for fun?

I take advantage of every opportunity to play with our two boys, not just as a way to spend quality time together, but so I can play with some of my favorite toys, especially Legos and Playdoh.

I have a Youtube channel where I produce sports related stories

I enjoy playing and making music.


 Tell us about your decision to work with Elle Grey and her mission... Was there something that drew you to this project?

One of the reasons I left the corporate world and started my own video production company, was to have the final say on who I worked with. I wanted to collaborate with people who shared the passion and motivation I had to tell great stories and make good products. Elle Grey is basically the ideal person I could have hoped to work with because of her passion, care and legit interest in telling great stories.


 We understand that by filming the Kickstarter campaign video, you’ve been able to see only what Elle Grey herself has seen up to this point; original words, concepts, sketches and all of the stories. What can you share with us about the Elle Grey Stories, now that you’ve seen behind the scenes?

That it’s as genuine as advertised, it's not a contrived marketing strategy to pull at people's heart strings. This project came from a pure place and has maintained that core through all the steps of this process.


We understand you and your wife have two sons, who are six and two years old.  What story(ies) are you most excited about for your children to read, and why?

For the older one, I’m excited to share the JUDGEMENT and WORDS stories, as I believe those are as relevant as ever for his stage in life. And with the two year old, well, I’m sure he’ll want to do whatever his brother is doing, cause all he wants is to be next to him.


When you did the filming for the Kickstarter video, we understand all filming was done in Elle Grey’s home. What can you tell us about her?

She has a loving home, and lives the life she’s trying to share with the world.


Posted on May 29, 2017 .


Hello everyone! My name is Brittany, and I work with Elle Grey to help her get the word out about these wonderful stories! I thought I'd share a few fun facts before we get to the Q&A. I'm an open book really!

  • I grew up in the same house my entire life, my first move was to college! 
  • I never really had a "real" boyfriend till my husband... I always wanted to have sons (crazy I know, I'm just a "boy" mom)
  • We've been to 12 countries and 38 States! My husband is in the military so we have moved a lot!
  • I have a brother who is 15 months younger than me. 
  • I have a degree in Exercise Science and hate exercising... I'm very adventurous though, I love the outdoors. I'm also very competitive and actually really athletic.
  • I had the highest grade 3 years in a row for the best written essay in high school. (It was kinda like a TCAP test but in the form of an essay for advanced English) However, I'm a horrible writer... I'm not exactly sure how I did that!
  • Growing up I told everyone I wanted to be a Botanist, my mom was SHOCKED when I didn't actually go to school for plants! HA
  • Oh, and I don't have a favorite color... I think all colors are pretty and I just can't pick one so I always say the rainbow is my favorite!

Q&A with Brittany

What do you do for fun?

I LOVE traveling, photography and blogging! I’ve actually been to 12 countries within the last six months with my two kiddos and husband!


Tell us about working with Elle Grey and her mission.

My job at Elle Grey Stories is to help spread the word of her stories and what they represent! It’s actually a really easy job, because when I believe in something with all my heart, telling people about it just becomes natural. I can honestly say that I LOVE my job, and I’ll hang with Elle Grey Stories for as long as Elle will have me!


What story are you most excited about for kids to read, which one do you think will have the biggest impact?

Hmmm.... that’s a hard question because I think all the books will have a great impact on everyone! However, what I can tell you, is I’m most EXCITED about the book titled "Protection While Moving". You see, my children are Army brats, and with my husband’s career we have moved every year of our marriage and every year of our children’s lives! We’re currently approaching eight years of marriage with a move in December making it eight moves in eight years! Crazy right? Needless to say,  I need a book to prep my boys on moving. You’d think they’d be professionals, however, they act like rookies every year!


What do you like most about Elle Grey Stories?

I don’t like, I LOVE that these books are like a one-stop shop for every issue we face as parents! I love the idea of having a second voice saying the EXACT same things I tell my children everyday. I also LOVE the fact that every book, every character, and every book cover has a story! Elle put a TON of work and love into these stories and you can tell when you read them.


What is it about Elle Grey Stories that you feel makes them stand apart from other children’s books?

I have seen once a week, since working with Elle Grey, a post on Facebook from friends looking for a book to help teach their children something that one of The Elle Grey Stories covers. These books are literally the place you can go for any issue you might run into as a parent, or even books to help reinforce behaviors you’ve already taught them. There’s just nothing available to this extent and I think it’s wonderful that these books are going to help shape the future of our world through our children.


What can you tell us about Elle Grey? What have you learned about her since working with her?

Oh, this is an easy question! Elle Grey is very down to earth, I remember during my interview thinking...this lady is awesome! She’s so easy to talk to, she’s very personable, and she puts up with all my cheesy jokes! (Seriously, you guys I have the worst jokes, and she’ll always laugh at them! haha)

She’s very passionate about her books, and her children, and it shows through her words. I believe you know you’re in the right field if you wake up in the morning excited to go to work! I believe with all my heart that Elle has found her calling, and loves waking up to the idea of sharing her stories with the world!!

Posted on May 25, 2017 .


Hello everyone! I'm Nastasia Degas, the Illustrator of The Elle Grey Stories. I thought I would share a few fun facts about myself before getting into the Q&A. So here we go!

  • I am 27 years old, but some people think that I am 17.
  • My dream car is a SMART car, its look like my characters style.
  • I'm a minions toy collector, I have 34 so far
  • I love to hang small toys on my backpacks
  • My cat, Krunia, loves salted green olives!

Q&A with Nastasia

When did you start drawing, how old were you?

I started drawing when I was 20 years old


Did you ever take art classes?

No, my husband taught me at home!


What do you do for fun?

Try to create new healthy food recipes that no one has before. 


What was your favorite story to illustrate?

My favorite story to illustrate was "Stealing"


Tell us about working with Elle Grey and her mission with these stories...

Elle Grey opened for me a new door to participate in enriching children with vital information that no one has addressed with them before in such a way.


Which story are you most excited about for kids to read, which one do you think will have the largest impact? 

The story, "Monsters", because of its serious and very important theme for children.


What do you most like about illustrating the Elle Grey Stories?

Elle Grey Stories deals with issues that touch the everyday lives of children. This is my favorite part!

Posted on May 24, 2017 .