Elle chose to launch the Elle Grey Stories on Kickstarter.com because she believes the community of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will help bring these stories to life! And so do we! The writing, illustration, and entire project has been personally funded by Elle, thus far. This is because Elle wants to remain in creative control over these precious heart-centered stories. This is also why she has chosen non-traditional methods of publishing. She feels as though this is the only way to keep these stories true to what they are, and we couldn't agree more! It's also been what's allowed her to bring the entire world in to the Elle Grey Stories, contributing thoughts, character names and true inspiration for new stories. We love this about the Elle Grey Stories...They are for the world, so she asks the entire world to truly be a part of them throughout their creation! What an amazing concept...Giving the families that will use these stories in their home, a way to truly be a part of developing them! 

These stories were born from the love of one mother to her daughter. We love that she wants to keep it as organically created and managed as possible!

Kickstarter is where you can view the making of her stories from writing drafts to digital, and from sketches to illustration. You can also take a peek inside Elle's world and her home, to feel the inspiration that created these stories.

Our greatest hope, as the Elle Grey Stories Team, is that you catch the vision of how an Elle Grey story can change the hearts of our little ones to ultimately create a world full of kindness, mindfulness and confidence. This vision is why all of us here are so passionate about being a part of these stories and this team. As a generation in whole, I'm sure we all want the best possible world for our children.

Cultivating that beautiful world begins by simply sharing an Elle Grey story with a child in your life. But to do this, we are asking for your help...Backing the Elle Grey Stories on Kickstarter allows you to truly invest in the children in your life. And SHARING the Elle Grey Stories with friends and family, means you want better for the entire world and all the children in it! We have amazing rewards for our supporters and backers, some are exclusive and others are limited, so be sure to check them out quick!

Please visit us at: Kickstarter.com & search Elle Grey Stories. 

Thank you for being here with us and for all of the support you've already given Elle Grey and these amazing stories. We are so proud to be a part of something that truly has the power to better our world for our children, and really, all of us!





Posted on June 25, 2017 .