THE STORY OF THE GUY SHOWING THE WORLD THE HEART OF THE STORIES-Q&A with Emio Tomeoni, Creative Director and Videographer of our Kickstarter video

You can find the continuation of the Instagram story here, along with Emio's Q&A

Continuation of the story on Instagram:

 I'd like to introduce you all to Emio Tomeoni. He is the creative director and videographer of the Elle Grey Stories Kickstarter video. He is a husband and a "dada"! Over five years ago, I had worked with him (through my husband's business) and personally seen his  work.  It was truly beautiful... Just amazing! Fast forward years later, and the Elle Grey Stories are only five months old and I thought of Emio. Knowing someday I'd need to do a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign video, I knew he'd be the one I would need-he'd be perfect! But the stories were just babies then, and I was no where near ready.  I thought of someday reaching out. But fear came with those thoughts...My budget would be tight, what if he couldn't do it? What if he was too busy and couldn't do it... So many, "what-if's" consumed me... He was just that good! I worked on the stories and waited until I was ready... Years passed, then the day came to reach out! 

I reached out through Facebook because I didn't have an email or phone number.  After all, I had only spent a day with him and my husband/family then never saw him again.  He might not even remember me.  So, I messaged him on pins and response! I waited a day and tried again. He responded! Yes, at least I had opened the door. Now to show him this was a wonderful project, one only he could help me to show the world, one that I could never afford his normal rate....uugghhh! I had to pray he could find his own passion about it once I shared the backstory and showed him the actual stories, ALL OF THEM! I needed him to understand the power of these stories and for him to want to be the one to help me bring them to the world...I had to let him come to that decision on his own.  I was very upfront about not being able to afford his rate and that I would have to be creative with his compensation. He was worth every penny, I just didn't have it right now. ( But this is really the reason for Kickstarter, to help us bring this project to life and that takes support from people that share the passion of it!) I shared with him my thoughts, then sent him all the stories that were ready.  Then I waited...nervously...he was the only one to have ever read all the stories, other than my husband. I kept checking for a text or an email but nothing! I must have checked 15 times in one day! (Looking back, I can laugh at myself now!) Then it came, his response! HE WAS IN! HE COULDN'T WAIT TO START! HE LOVED THE STORIES AND WANTED TO BE THE ONE TO TELL THE WORLD ALL ABOUT THEM! (I think I jumped up and sank a little at the same time...there was intense joy and immense relief all at once.) I knew he was the only one that could really tell the true story of the Elle Grey Stories.  He has a way through his lens to truly show you someone's heart. I'd never seen any other videographer do that before or since. And since every Elle Grey Story comes from the heart, that was exactly what I needed! I remembered that night, when the stories were only five months old and I remembered how I thought he was the one I had to have help me! I thought of all the fears I faced then and I thought, "IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!"

I really feel like everything that I've done and been through in life has prepared me for today.  And meeting Emio five years ago, is just one of those perfect examples of this.  I can't wait for you all to see the Elle Grey Stories Kickstarter video! I actually haven't seen it myself yet...we only filmed it this past weekend.  He's creating it now and I have no doubt he will capture the heart; every tear drop, every late night, the countless hours and every ounce of love that's been poured into the Elle Grey Stories! 

Thank you Emio! I'm more grateful than I can possibly explain!


Here is some Q&A with Emio, himself!

Hi everyone, I'm Emio.  Here are some fun facts to start with...

  • When my wife and I worked at a small TV station in Topeka, Kansas we would sometimes have to bring our infant son into the studio while Mom anchored the show and I ran the cameras with him strapped to my chest.
  • In 2013, I  created a simple little home video for my wife about a afternoon with my son. Now it have more than 35 million views on Youtube.
  • I am a die hard Golden State Warriors basketball fan.
  • Growing up, my dad had a friend who owned goats, and every summer my sister and I would go out and herd goats. One year we even brought a baby goat home as a pet.


What do you do for fun?

I take advantage of every opportunity to play with our two boys, not just as a way to spend quality time together, but so I can play with some of my favorite toys, especially Legos and Playdoh.

I have a Youtube channel where I produce sports related stories

I enjoy playing and making music.


 Tell us about your decision to work with Elle Grey and her mission... Was there something that drew you to this project?

One of the reasons I left the corporate world and started my own video production company, was to have the final say on who I worked with. I wanted to collaborate with people who shared the passion and motivation I had to tell great stories and make good products. Elle Grey is basically the ideal person I could have hoped to work with because of her passion, care and legit interest in telling great stories.


 We understand that by filming the Kickstarter campaign video, you’ve been able to see only what Elle Grey herself has seen up to this point; original words, concepts, sketches and all of the stories. What can you share with us about the Elle Grey Stories, now that you’ve seen behind the scenes?

That it’s as genuine as advertised, it's not a contrived marketing strategy to pull at people's heart strings. This project came from a pure place and has maintained that core through all the steps of this process.


We understand you and your wife have two sons, who are six and two years old.  What story(ies) are you most excited about for your children to read, and why?

For the older one, I’m excited to share the JUDGEMENT and WORDS stories, as I believe those are as relevant as ever for his stage in life. And with the two year old, well, I’m sure he’ll want to do whatever his brother is doing, cause all he wants is to be next to him.


When you did the filming for the Kickstarter video, we understand all filming was done in Elle Grey’s home. What can you tell us about her?

She has a loving home, and lives the life she’s trying to share with the world.


Posted on May 29, 2017 .