What are the Elle Grey Stories?

What are the Elle Grey Stories and what are they all about?

Well, they're really quite different-There's a few reasons they stand out!

You’ll find Elle Grey Stories are fun and funny

We promise that it's true…

But more importantly, they teach great lessons.

Some that will be extremely important to you.

Some teach Values such as honesty, loyalty, and appreciation.

And goodness knows, we could use more of those values in every nation.

But there's even stories on Emotions like frustration, anger, and sadness.

And we all know, those three combined-especially for our little ones,

 can feel a little like madness.

There are stories about Protection to help our kids be aware,

there are dangers in their world, such as fire, water, and old rickety stairs.

Then, there are The Growing Stories which simply means they really stand out,

such as the story Monsters, which can save lives, we have no doubt!

So, we promise Elle Grey Stories is different, right from the start,

and we think it’s because each one came from the very bottom of one's mother's heart!

They were written for her little girl

but then she decided to share each one with the entire world.

So please tell your friends, tell everyone you know…

Elle Grey stories is coming with wonderful lessons in tow!

Posted on July 10, 2017 .