Parents-We are not just story tellers, we are the ULTIMATE STORY CREATORS!


We are moms and dads but we are also, among many things, chefs, boo-boo fixers, nose wipers, sunscreen appliers, and story tellers. We tell our kids bedtime stories on some, most, or all nights and they have a favorite story they love to read over and over. But what we may be failing to realize is that every day we are actually the ultimate story creators . We have been writing the most important story without ever putting a pen to paper (or typing on a keyboard!)

Think about it, as adults we all have our own story; childhood stories that had a profound impact on us and developed who we came to be as people; as individuals, partners, and eventually as the parents we are today. There were moments in those hours, in those days, that comprised the years of our lives up to where we are now. And we’ve shared those childhood stories that shaped and molded us with those we love and trust. Those childhood stories were in great abundance shaped by the decisions our parents made, or in some cases, decisions they didn’t make. Their decisions created circumstances that affected our lives; moments that we now look back on with maybe fondness, sadness, happiness, or anger. They laid the foundation for so much of our lives, they ultimately created our stories. And these past moments have greatly shaped the decisions we now make as adults and as parents.

We must do our best to remember this for the sake of our kids today and every day after. We are laying the foundation of their story right now, every day. The words we use, the decisions we make, what we teach, what we don’t teach, the stress we carry that they feel, the seemingly simple moments that matter more than we realize-these will all someday be the story of their life that will shape and mold the person they will become; as individuals, as partners, and someday parents. They will someday be grown like us and will share their story with those they love and trust. They will perhaps cry tears of joy or sadness as they reflect on the days that are happening right now.

Take a moment and think about your story…Do you think it could have been different if your parents, during your childhood, had been more aware of the fact that each day they were writing your story?


Let us be aware, be present of the story we are creating every day for our kids. Let’s be the best chefs, boo-boo fixers, nose wipers, sunscreen appliers, and story tellers but most importantly, let us be fantastic story creators! Let us be cognizant of the story we are writing every day for them so when the day comes that they share their story, it’s an amazing one; one we are proud to hear them tell. Let’s make it so amazing in fact, they want to someday give their kids one just like it!

Posted on May 13, 2019 .